10 Body Parts That Show Your True Age

10 Body Parts That Show Your True Age

By Melissa W.

As women (especially as we mature in age as I have) we spend a lot of time trying to hide rather than showcase any visible signs of our true age. We tend to become obsessed with tweaking and tampering with certain body parts in the hopes that we can further delay the aging process.

When you get older, you start to notice these visible signs of aging occurring seemingly overnight. I’ve noticed myself aging pretty dramatically (though some would argue otherwise, bless their hearts) particularly in the last 5-6 years.

A new pocket appears. A line suddenly shows up where there were no lines. A new dimple on your thigh and in panic mode you immediately cut out the dressing and croutons and live on dry salad and cod filets for 3 months.

Although I do my best to take care of myself, there are changes that are inevitable and I see them written all over my face and body. Like a roadmap, I can look at a certain part of my body and notice, sometimes with dismay and resentment, that it’s not in the shape it was even 10 years ago.

I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer or rain on anybody’s parade. I’m just trying to be as honest as I possibly can about my own personal experiences on aging. I find a lot of people are very uncomfortable talking about aging, but for me personally, I need to talk about it. I’m at a stage in my life where I can no longer allow myself to ignore it.

Luckily I have many remedies of my own that I will be peppering up and down this blog. This is just the beginning, and I feel lucky and blessed to have all of you with me along the way. It’s cathartic to talk about it, but for me, it’s also part of my struggle and it’s a healing process.

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve learned about my own body parts that definitely show your true age:

1) Jawline

The jawline is a telltale marker of your age. When you get older, the jawline is most certainly the first to go south.

Double chins, jowls, drooping, and less chiseled jaw definition overall is a strong marker of age, which is why many women elect to have a facelift and/or necklift to correct this problem area.

My jaw is definitely not as sharp and angled anymore. It’s one of the first things I noticed as I hit my mid 30s.

2) Hairline

Unfortunately, women’s hairlines tend to thin a bit like men’s hairlines tend to with age (though certainly not to the extent that men suffer hair loss).

You may notice your forehead is getting a little “bigger” and it’s becoming less flattering to wear the stacked bun with the super slick hair pinned back. You may notice your hairstyles don’t pop and frame your face the way they used to because your hairline has shifted. The corners of your hairline along the forehead in particular is where the thinning is most noticeable.

I’ve thought about using hair fibers, and I’ve managed to pencil in and contour my hairline on occasion. It helps but my hairline is still not the same.

3) Elbows

The skin above your elbows is no longer taut and you may develop what’s referred to as “wrinkled elbows.” I personally call them “hooded elbows” because I notice the skin above the bone begins to crease and fold much like a hooded eyelid. A crumply fold of skin begins covering the upper half of the bone of your elbow.

This is something that’s happened to me fairly recently. Not sure what to do about it yet barring surgery. This is one area I’m not happy about at all.

4) Feet

The veins and bones in your feet become more pronounced. As the skin on top of the feet becomes thinner, its texture becomes a lot less supple and firm. It begins to look looser and more transparent with more pronounced bones and deep veins (the thinner you are, the more the veins show). I’ve found that self-tanner can definitely help in this area.

5) Heels

Your heels are a stark marker of age particularly, if you have thick, scaly, yellow callouses. And unfortunately these unsightly callouses tend to take shape of the shoes you wear. The callous can get deformed and slanted much like a clay mold because the sweat and the pressure of your footwear causes creasing and dents. By the way, smoking and drinking makes these callouses 100x worse.

Luckily this is about the only part of my body that isn’t showing its age. I don’t have any callouses at all. Yet. Not sure why but it may be genetics.

6) Hands

Your hands are an unmistakable marker of age. No matter what your face looks like, your hands will always tell the truth. Many of us wish our hands didn’t make our age so obvious but the spots, the bones, and knuckles becoming more pronounced with thick protruding veins doesn’t help much in the way of disguising your years.

Hands remind me of a tree’s circles. They never lie.

7) Décolletage

The décolletage seems to be one of the first places I’ve noticed that is starting to change fairly dramatically in my 40s. I notice the texture is beginning to look crackly and rough with some uneven skin tone. I have however found a way to get my décolletage under control and fight the aging process. I will be sharing a how-to on that in an upcoming post.

8) Behind the Neck

Behind the neck becomes a little, shall I say, chunkier. It begins to appear like its sitting at more of an angled slope than straight up and down. I will add that bad posture may be the culprit and sitting up straight and keeping your eyes and chin level will help.

If you’re ever around your grandmother or an older lady at the grocery store, look at the back of her neck. You’ll notice its not svelte and defined no matter how thin she is. The back of my neck was very, very dainty and very svelte with beautiful contours when I was young. It doesn’t look like my dainty little neck any longer.

9) Front of Neck

Wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles. That’s what happens to an aging neck. Fortunately this isn’t one of my problem areas as of yet but, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to hang like a clump of loose rubberbands underneath my chin.

10) Eyes (Shape)

The shape of my eyes has changed pretty dramatically in the past couple of years in particular. They are a bit hollow on the bottom lids and the skin is much thinner around my eyes overall. The corners haven’t yet developed crow’s feet, but the skin is definitely much less full and plump.

I’ve found this affects the shape of the eye overall, and it affects how your makeup products look on your skin. All of the young women in the beauty guru community truly have it made. They can pile on the eye makeup and look stunning. If I apply eye makeup like that, I just look 10 years older, at least. That is definitely something I miss, having that plump, moist, vibrant skin that marries the shadow and eyeliner like bread and butter.

And there you have it. I almost broke down in tears a few times writing this lol. Good news is, I’m going to be sharing my many secret remedies on how to get these issues under control. Make sure you subscribe, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and bookmark the blog.

Cheers to Health and Beauty!


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