The Cryotherapy Anti-Aging Breakthrough

The Cryotherapy Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Cryotherapy is a breakthrough, revolutionary anti-aging treatment taking the beauty world by storm. Cryonics are currently being offered as the ultimate wrinkle-correcting/fat reducing treatment in some of the most exclusive plastic surgery centers across The United States and Europe.

Cryotherapy has been a linchpin in surgery and medicine for nearly half a century. However, in the last decade, cryotherapy has become a primary beauty treatment in many medi-spas, clinics, and plastic surgeon’s centers.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that cryogenic treatments must always be conducted under the supervision of a doctor or certified health professional. The information presented here does not qualify as health or medical advice and we strongly advise that you DO NOT ever attempt these treatments without being under the care and guidance of a qualified professional.

The Tampa Bay Times published a riveting article on cryotherapy and its numerous benefits in the health field and fitness industries. If you’ve heard of Coolsculpting and cryogenic chamber therapy, then you’re likely familiar with cryotherapy and its anti-aging benefits.

“It involves submerging the entire body in sub-zero temperatures or blasting freezing-cold air to a specific area, say your knee. Die-hard fans say it helps with chronic pain and muscle recovery. Some say it’s an anti-aging and weight-loss tool.”

In many medi-spas and plastic surgeon’s offices, a client’s age spots, fat, wrinkles, and blemishes can be virtually frozen away with cryotherapy. Cryotherapy can also be used to treat larger problem areas that harbor stubborn fat such as the love handles, tummy, and tricep/upper arm area. The results are often immediate, lasting, and very effective.

The process involves treating a problem area directly by exposing it to electric or nitrogen-infused particles that “freeze” the tissue and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is said to be a primary cause of aging and skin tissue injury from being exposed to various elements that promote damage i.e. photo-aging, exposure to toxins, pollutants, etc.

It’s a bit strange yet exciting to think that freezing a wrinkle or pocket of stubborn fat could actually erase it or melt it away entirely. That’s cryotherapy in a nutshell–defeating the problem by freezing it away and effectively getting rid of it.

Have you ever had cryotherapy? Share your experience in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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