How to Wear This Season’s Metallic Makeup

How to Wear This Season’s Metallic Makeup

L’Oréal published a how-to tutorial on metallic makeup with many trendy application tricks for an ultra glam, sleek, runway look. Metallics are in this season and like shimmers and glitters, they can be a bit of a challenge to pull off without looking like a neophyte.

Working with metallic makeup can create an entirely different look with just a few brush strokes. According to L’Oréal:

Start with a primer

A good primer will allow you to apply metallics over a smooth, even surface while enhancing and creating a texture that looks seamless and flawless. Be sure and use a primer that is appropriate for your skin type e.g. oily, dry, etc. Primer will also prevent your favorite metallics from creasing and settling into pores while minimizing flakiness or cakiness.

Pick colors that match your skin tone

Pick a color selection that matches your skin’s undertones. Prioritize cool shades, warm shades, and neutrals to design a striking color scheme. Add colors that complement each other, e.g. pair silvers with taupes and indigoes and pair bronzes with warm pinks and golds. Keep the color scheme uniform and sample swatches to determine what looks great on your skin.

Metallic eye shadows are fun

Metallic eye shadows come in virtually every shade. Create hypnotic eyes by choosing metallic shadow shades that are fun and adventurous. Lighter metallics can be great to layer over any color scheme, while darker metallics can create a bold look all on its own. Play around with deep, rich colors on your eyes and see how metallics can create a 3D-enhanced look or a simple, muted, shimmery sheen.

Metallics can be found in virtually every face product available this season. Metallic lip glosses are a huge trend and with the holidays just around the corner, a lustrous, metallic look can be a sexy, sultry addition to that little black party dress.

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