Perfecting Your Bold Holiday Makeup Look

Perfecting Your Bold Holiday Makeup Look

‘Tis the season for shimmers, glitters, golds, and silvers, and this Christmas the makeup experts at have put together some insider secrets on how to pull off the most bold and daring makeup looks. Holiday parties and Christmas season events never looked so good. Or so glam.

Every type of glitter and shimmer is in right now and those in-the-know in the beauty industry have emphasized perusing glitter and shimmer to our heart’s content. Winter and the holiday season is the perfect time for bolder looks because it’s dark and cold outside and as a result, we’re staying inside. We seem to want to replicate the summer season indoors this time of year with an excess of sequins, sparkle, gold, silver, metallic and shine.

Even those who tend to stick to minimal makeup the rest of the year can get into the bold beauty game without worrying if their look is “too much” this time of year. Because when lavishly decorated trees, colorful lighting, and giant mirrored balls are the order of the day, excess is encouraged.

If there was ever an occasion to dress up in colorful glam, the holidays are the best time for it. You can wear colors on your eyes and lips that would normally be too dramatic during the summer. Rose gold, deep metallics and shimmery glitters are everywhere, and there’s no reason you should skimp on your most favorite and boldest colors.

If you’re not used to wearing statement makeup, you may want to focus on one area of the face—the eyes and lips, for example—when experimenting with your holiday party circuit look. Or, you know, go all-in with a bold lip, cat eyes done in unexpected hues, and rosy, frosted, or glitter-adorned cheeks.

Sometimes less is more, but then again, nothing exceeds like excess. If you can rock a glitter highlighter, bold shadow, glittery lips and shimmer-dusted skin, don’t be bashful. Be brazen.

Try and switch up your color scheme. If you’re wearing a red sweater, try a rose gold shadow. If you’re wearing the little black dress with sequins, try the plum metallic lip shade with a warm glittery lilac shadow.  Break the rules a little. This time of year, you deserve it.

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