Retinol Skincare Routine Review

Retinol Skincare Routine Review

It’s always exciting and encouraging for us here at Elite Beauty Blog to read reviews about retinol and how women are finding promising results in adding retinol ingredients to their skincare routine.

Jessie Quinn from just published her own personal in-depth review on the retinol products she added to her beauty regimen and she was happy to share her results. Retinol can be a very effective treatment in helping combat aging, spots, skin discoloration, and other blemishes by vastly improving skin tone, texture, surface moisture and cell turnover.

We’ve briefly covered how retinol works in our previous post and here we will reexamine how and why retinol works so well for women like Jessie Quinn and explain the benefits you can expect to derive from retinol use in your own beauty routine.

How Retinol Improves the Condition of the Skin

After adding retinol to my skin care routine, one of the biggest changes I noticed was a change in texture. After just a few weeks of use, my complexion felt softer and smoother than before. This could be due to vitamin A’s (aka, retinol) ability to kickstart the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

Jessie’s change in skin texture can be attributed to retinol’s ability to promote cell turnover. When our skin cells turnover, they regenerate and the new texture underneath is that of fresh, moist, plump, silky skin. Retinol not only sloughs off dead skin cells, it encourages the healthy cells underneath to continue with this process.

While I have fairly clear skin, I tend to breakout on my chin and nose a lot. That said, after using retinol for a few weeks, I noticed a significant change in my breakout patterns. Thanks to its ability to exfoliate the skin naturally, retinol can help unclog pores, which in turn makes it easier for other treatments and creams to work their magic.

Yes, retinol can help fight acne. Many dermatologists prescribe Retin-A (which is a cousin of retinol) to treat acne. Depending on the extent and severity of your acne, a mild over-the-counter retinol may help with acne whereas with more severe cases, doctor-prescribed Retin-A may be the more appropriate treatment.

Another bonus to adding retinol to my skin care routine? My pores shrunk (well, sort of). Because retinol can help with breakouts, my pores appeared to be much cleaner than before, causing them to look unnoticeable.

Jessie’s disappearance of pores can be attributed not only to cell turnover and cell regeneration but also to the retinol working its way into the pores and helping to dislodge impurities thereby actually making the pores smaller. Large pores often appear large because they are filled with sebum, clogs, residue and dead skin cells. Retinol, with its miracle cell regenerating properties will help keep your pores healthy, smaller and much less noticeable along the skin’s surface.

Retinol can work very well if used properly in the right skincare routine. When using retinols always wear sunscreen. And as always, if you have any real concerns about your skin and the use of retinol, you should consult with a dermatologist and/or skincare professional to find out if retinol is right for you.

Do you use retinol? If so, share your experience here with us in the comments below!

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