Silver – The Latest Beauty Treatment Ingredient

Silver – The Latest Beauty Treatment Ingredient published an informative piece on how silver is being used as an essential ingredient in many of the latest beauty treatments.

The use of silver in medicine has been well-established since 400 BC with Hippocrates emphasizing the use of silver in wound care. Medicinal properties of silver are today often utilized in wound dressings, ointments, and as an antibiotic barrier in certain medical devices. Silver nanoparticles are being used to treat infections as silver has potent antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help protect and heal tissue and treat other numerous skin disorders.

For instance, colloidal silver can be used in the treatment of adult acne. Silver is non-toxic but is destructive to skin bacteria. It is also an excellent thermal conductor according to dermatologist Dr. Frederick Beddingfield:

In the case of acne, SNA-001 targets the sebaceous gland, one of the key structures implicated in the development of this condition,” explains Dr. Beddingfield. “It is applied to the skin using mechanical vibration to assist the silver particles into the pores, and ultimately to the sebaceous gland. The excess solution is then wiped from the surface of the skin. When illuminated by laser light, the silver particles convert laser light energy into heat. This causes thermal injury to the sebaceous gland without damaging the skin surface.”

With this advanced nanotechnology, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been able to isolate tiny silver nanoparticles for use in conductive devices as well as making silver the key ingredient in numerous topical skincare treatments.

It is indeed exciting news in the beauty industry that a simple and divine metal like silver can be used safely and effectively to treat skin disorders including adult acne as well as various other skin infections. Silver has been a mainstay in medicine since ancient times and there’s no time like the present to use it the way our forefathers did, to heal our skin inside and out.

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