Always Wash Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Always Wash Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Raise your hand if your mama always told you, “Wash your makeup off before you go to sleep!”

Turns out your mother gave you sound beauty advice. Washing off your makeup every night is just one crucial step in keeping your skin healthy. Regardless of how many corrective serums and moisturizers you pile on your face, if your skin isn’t clean, your skin isn’t healthy.

According to Hello Magazine, the way you treat your skin at night is crucial to how your face will react to various skincare products. You can easily wind up with infections and breakouts:

“The more layers of dirt on your face, the more likely you are to develop spots. Make-up clogs up your pores and suffocates your skin, which can lead to all sorts of havoc on the surface.”

Washing your face and removing your makeup can mitigate the likelihood of developing spots, clogged pores, and other unsightly skin blemishes. The pores on your skin’s surface can easily become clogged with debris like hardened sebum, dead skin cells, and residue from leftover makeup products.

Washing your face will remove these impurities and prevent the spread of infection that can cause breakouts. It is essential to always remove your makeup and thoroughly cleanse the face each night to prevent skin infections and blemishes.

“By not cleansing your skin and taking your cosmetics off, you’re simply letting everything build up and change your appearance.”

The skin sheds millions of dead skin cells each day. Cell turnover is the natural process from which your skin regenerates itself, creating a new layer of fresh, healthy skin. Washing your face and removing your makeup before sleep encourages this process by removing dead cells, pollutants, excess oils and blockage.

Washing your face and removing your makeup before bed should be an essential part of your beauty routine. Your skin will thank you when its smooth appearance and texture radiates with health. The best skin defense is often a good offense–nip potential skin problems in the bud long before they start.

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